1. A clear one – month’s notice or school fee in lieu thereof, is to be given when a student is to be withdrawn.

2. In case of withdrawal, transfer certificates and security deposit will be released on clearance of the school dues.

3. Security will be refunded ONLY if the application is made at the time of withdrawal of the student.

4. Application for withdrawal in the month of April should be submitted before 7th of April, otherwise fee for one month i.e. for May will also be charged.

5. Students discontinuing in the middle of the terms shall pay fee for the academic year.


6. A student can be expelled by the school authorities on any of the following grounds:-

  • (i) Irregularity in attendance
  • (ii) Behavioural Problems
  • (iii) Non – payments of fee/School dues.
  • (iv) Non – submission of Transfer Certificate/Birth Certificate.
  • (v) Moral breach, as seen by school authorities.

7. Nothing except the caution money is refundable at the time of withdrawal, even if the child has not attended the School for a single day.