Welcome to Sanskaram Public School

Principal's Message

One thing we all know that education in India is more of profession based than knowledge. Parent’s expectation from their children is very high. They want them to make good professional careers in their life. That is the reason every parent emphasize on academic records of their children. I do agree with this but purely emphasizing the students on academic records will not make them that successful person in life which is required in today’s world. Value based education is more essential for success in life. A child born and brought up in the disciplined and value based environment will become a law abiding citizen; he will learn to care his parents, elders, respect others and understand the meaning of empathy.
At Sanskaram Public School our emphasis apart from academics will be on sanskars, values, communication and personality development, health and nutritional development right from beginning, so that our children understand the value of relations. They learn to care elders and respect them.